Missed Jupiter Airdrop? Top 9 Solana Airdrops That Could Make You Millionaire in 2024

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Imagine diving into the world of cryptocurrencies, where airdrops feel like stumbling upon hidden treasures. The $JUP airdrop? It’s not just any treasure; it’s a massive $800 million gem waiting to be claimed. And guess what? The thrill doesn’t stop there! Solana, with its lightning-fast blockchain, promises more airdrops that could turn lucky participants into significant earners, potentially reaching six or seven figures. Let’s take a look at the top 9 Solana airdrops in more detail.

Why Opt for Solana Airdrops Instead of Chasing $JUP FOMO?

According to Twitter user Rekt Fencer, here is the list of potential top 9 Solana airdrops.

Before we dive into the strategy, let’s talk about why going for Solana’s airdrops might be a smart move. Instead of getting caught up in the $JUP excitement, you can explore different projects within the Solana world, each offering its own chances to earn tokens.

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The Ultimate Solana Airdrop Game Plan: Top 9 Solana Airdrops

Going after Solana’s airdrops needs a good plan. Here’s a step-by-step guide to grabbing top 9 Solana Airdrops from some popular Solana projects:

1. Marinade Finance – $MNDE

Marinade is like the cool kid in the Solana blockchain playground. It’s a DAO with a unique staking protocol that lets users stake directly or go for the liquid stake option. The liquid staking magic happens in a pool filled with 100+ top-notch validators, carefully picked for their outstanding performance and decentralization vibes. 

When you choose liquid staking, you get this slick mSOL liquid staking token that opens doors to the world of DeFi adventures. On the flip side, Marinade Native keeps it simple with no smart-contract, LST, or DeFi twists. Just straightforward blockchain fun! 

What to do?

  – Swing by Marinade Finance

  – Stake some $SOL in the pool

2. Marginfi – $MFI

Imagine Marginfi as the DeFi superhero on Solana’s stage! It’s not your typical lending protocol – it’s the cool kid in the decentralized lending world. Instead of the usual complicated lending systems, Marginfi shakes things up with a permissionless bunch of smart contracts. 

What does that mean? Well, it means you get borrowing and lending services that are not just efficient and flexible, but also transparent. And here’s the kicker – with a rock-solid risk management system and smooth integration with other protocols, Marginfi becomes your go-to DeFi sidekick, promising reliability and security for your crypto adventures! 

What to do?

  – Head over to Marginfi

  – Drop some $mSOL

  – Borrow $SOL

  – Swap it to $LST using Jupiter Exchange

 3. Meteora AG – $MET

Picture Meteora as the powerhouse behind Solana’s liquidity scene! It’s not just your regular player – it’s the key player ensuring there’s enough stablecoin liquidity, lending protocol capital, and super-efficient AMM pools. 

In simpler terms, Meteora keeps things flowing smoothly in the world of Solana. Whether it’s stablecoins doing their thing, lending protocols stacking up capital, or AMM pools working their magic, Meteora’s got it all covered, making sure the Solana ecosystem stays vibrant and full of life! 

What to do?

  – Pop in at Meteora AG

  – Toss in $LST to the LST-SOL pool

  – Enjoy 11% APY and a $MET airdrop

4. Kamino Finance – $KAMINO

Imagine Kamino vaults as the behind-the-scenes wizards of Solana’s DEX! They work their magic by automatically handling Concentrated Liquidity (CLMM) positions on Solana’s decentralized exchange. How do they do it? Well, they use smart quantitative models to set and rebalance the ranges, making sure everything stays in the sweet spot. And guess what? They’re not done yet – these vaults are like the ultimate multitaskers, with auto-compounding fees and rewards along the way. 

What to do?

  – Visit Kamino Finance

  – Swap $SOL to $bSOL via Jupiter Exchange

  – Park it in the bSOL-SOL vault on Kamino

5. Tensor HQ – $TENSOR

Picture Tensor as the NFT marketplace that leveled up! Unlike your regular NFT platforms, Tensor decided to kick it up a notch by transforming into an AMM-integrated marketplace. What’s the big deal? Well, it means users like you can dive into the world of liquidity provision for both buying and selling orders within a specific NFT collection. It’s like having a front-row seat to the evolution of NFT trading, where you’re not just a collector but also a liquidity maestro!

What to do?

  – Check out Tensor HQ

  – Get involved in NFT auctions

  – Grab and stake a Tensorian NFT

6. Drift Protocol – $DRIFT

Imagine a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Solana where you call the shots. Forget about centralized crypto exchanges – Drift’s protocol lets you keep custody of your crypto and trade directly with fellow enthusiasts in a peer-to-peer manner. But that’s not all; Drift takes things up a notch with cross-margin trading accounts and an automated market maker.

What to do?

  – Explore Drift Protocol

  – Invest a bit

  – Play around with perpetual swaps

 7. ZetaMarkets – $ZETA

Picture this: an options trading platform where you can elegantly hedge your risks against the wild swings of the crypto market and unexpected events. With Zeta, you’re not just trading – you’re strategizing and securing your crypto journey. 

What to do?

  – Hop over to Zeta Markets

  – Add $USDC

  – Execute trades in perpetual contracts

8. The PepperDEX – $PEP

Imagine a trading platform that not only boasts a spot market but also dives into the thrill of order-book-based perpetual trading and expiring futures for the hottest cryptocurrencies. What’s the secret ingredient? Being firmly rooted in the Hxro Network, a global liquidity layer tailored just for derivatives trading.

What to do?

  – Join The PepperDEX Discord

  – Dive into the community spirit

  – Keep an eye out for updates

9. Parcl – $PARCL

Parcl brings the world of real estate trading to your fingertips! Dive into the decentralized realm of property markets with Parcl’s city indexes, where you can explore and speculate on real estate price movements globally.

What to do?

  – Stop by Parcl

  – Splash some liquidity into the pools

  – Engage in trades

Steering Solana’s airdrops is like setting off on a thrilling treasure hunt. By spreading your efforts across different projects, you not only increase your chances of snagging valuable tokens but also become a vital part of Solana’s flourishing ecosystem. While everyone is talking about the $JUP airdrop, the real potential for substantial wins lies within the diverse projects thriving in Solana’s decentralized finance world

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